Victoria 4620 Oriental Breadth Rug



Do you charge your active room, bedroom, or dining breadth to appear animate and abide fashionable for abounding years? Luxe Weavers’ Victoria Accumulating Breadth rug delivers that and more. The 100% polypropylene automated attic awning is a mix of backbone and luxury, complimenting every allotment of appliance in your home seamlessly. Through its archetypal blush variants: Blue, Beige, Grey, Pearl, Navy, cream, and silver, this avant-garde oriental breadth rug works for every home décor ambition and transforms your space.




Besides its comfortable feel and intricate designs, the Luxe Weavers Victoria Accumulating 4620 Oriental Breadth rug provides all the amore you charge in your active allowance or bedroom. Its average accumulation acme and costly cilia arrangement add added beanbag to your floor, attention your attic from scratches and amercement acquired by aerial bottom cartage or abundant appliance aural your home. If you affliction to accept a ameliorative feel below your anxiety back walking about your home, here’s one breadth rug that delivers at all times.




This ellipsoidal oriental rug is soft, stain-resistant, and alone requires alternate spot-cleaning and breakable vacuuming. Whether you accept to abode it in aerial cartage areas, entryways, or your bedroom, its fade-resistant backdrop ensure that you do not alone adorn your amplitude with this top-quality automated breadth rug for abounding years but additionally adore stress-free rug charwoman procedures, while benefiting from its addictive oriental patterns.



-     Easy atom charwoman and maintenance

-     No Shedding

-     Abundant accumulation height

-     Anti-dust

-     Avant-garde Prints

-     Absolute abundance & benevolence underfoot