Victoria 9146 Abstruse Breadth Rug



Add activity and allure to your active allowance with this avant-garde multi abstruse rug from Luxe Weavers. It appearance affluent gray hues and accents of dejected and chicken that accompaniment the blush arrangement of your active room, dining room, bedroom, and any added breadth in your home. This beautifully advised avant-garde rug adds an aesthetic aftereffect to every attic it covers.

Stain Aggressive Rugs

Here's a cautiously crafted polypropylene rug that comes in artistically advised abstruse patterns. It is apparatus alloyed with exceptional affection fibers, has a average accumulation acme to assure balk floors from damages, and supports the weight of abundant appliance in your home. It artlessly ties added elements in your allowance together.


Area Rugs 5x7

This breadth rug doesn't shed, and you can use it as a active allowance rug, bedchamber rug, or dining breadth rug. It complements assorted blush schemes and comes in sizes such as 2x3 rug, 2x7 rug, 4x5 rug, 5x7 rug, 6x9 rug, 8x10 rug, and 9x12 rug.

- Accessible atom charwoman and maintenance

- 100% Polypropylene

- No Shedding

- Abundant accumulation height 

- Absolute abundance & softness