Lagos Art Deco Abreast Breadth Rug 7983

$40.00 $55.00


Elegance and Quality

The Luxe Weavers Lagos Accumulating 7983 is a account rug fabricated by Turkish artisans to adorn and transform any allowance into a centermost of attention. Its comfortable feel and affected hues are absolutely arresting while its different geometric patterns accord every adorning allotment about it.

Made from 100% polypropylene, this breadth rug is not defective in affection and its bendable arrangement will leave your anxiety activity balmy and comfortable all day long.

Warmth and Adherence

The Luxe Weavers Lagos Accumulating 7983 has a bendable arrangement that keeps your anxiety balmy and comfortable with every step. Its average accumulation acme protects your balk attic from accident while additionally acknowledging the weight of your furniture.

And if you’re agitated about durability, this breadth rug is the ultimate game-changer. It is congenital for the aerial cartage areas area added rugs will calmly abrasion off and get broken apart.

Low Aliment and Accessible Care

This high-end rug is up there amid breadth rugs that are easiest to apple-pie and maintains. It doesn’t absorb stains, dirt, dust, or pet hairs, so you can calmly abolish them by vacuuming with a no-beater exhaustion cleaner or atom apple-pie with a bendable dry cloth.