Lagos 5070 Geometric Art Deco Breadth Rug

$40.00 $55.00


Smooth Alloy of Affection and Aesthetics

The Luxe Weavers Lagos Accumulating 5570 boasts one of the best creatively advised abstruse patterns you will anytime acquisition on a 100% polypropylene rug. Beautiful, intricately designed, fine-textured, durable, practical, and fabricated from a high-quality material; the Luxe Weavers Lagos Accumulating 5570 is aggregate you can anytime appetite in an breadth rug.
This admirable high-end rug will add 18-carat elegance, style, and appearance to your amplitude after harming your wallet. The Luxe Weavers Lagos Accumulating 5570 offers absurd amount for your money. 

Floor Aegis and Warmth

This fine-textured, medium-piled rug will not alone beautify your amplitude but will additionally assure your balk attic from scratches and damages. Its amazing arrangement is addition affair to be blithesome about – lush, soft, and creamy - accouterment balmy cushioning for every clip you take.
This rug is fabricated from 100% polypropylene, which is the acumen for its absurd lifespan and adeptness to bear aerial bottom and appliance pressure. It neither abrasion nor tears quickly; so if you charge a rug for your aerial cartage areas, grab this rug and you’d be always animated you did.

Low Aliment and Accessible Care

While the Luxe Weavers Lagos Accumulating 5570 is not backward in artful characteristics, it is fabricated alone from polypropylene, authoritative it actual abiding yet bendable and user-friendly.
What’s added absorbing is that this rug alone requires casual atom charwoman with a bendable dry cloth, or vacuuming with no alternating brush/ beater bar.


Actual Dimension: 1 anxiety 9 inches amplitude by 2 anxiety 9 inches length
Actual Dimension: 2 anxiety 1 inches amplitude by 7 anxiety 3 inches length
Actual Dimension: 5 anxiety 2 inches amplitude by 7 anxiety 2 inches length
Actual Dimension: 7 anxiety 5 inches amplitude by 10 anxiety 0 inches length
Actual Dimension: 8 anxiety 6 inches amplitude by 12 anxiety 4 inches length

TOP QUALITY: Produced in Turkey, Luxe Weavers Rugs offers amount for every penny spent. It is fabricated from 100% polypropylene, does not abrasion nor breach quickly, and has an absorbing activity span.

STYLISH BREADTH RUG: An categorical alloy avant-garde and art deco rug styles, this capricious breadth rug makes a adventurous statement.

OPTIMAL COMFORT: Has a average accumulation that delivers absorptive abundance to your anxiety and body, calmly fits beneath any allotment of furniture, and helps to abstain block and trips due to its firmness.

LOW MAINTENANCE: This Breadth rug is stain-resistant and accessible to clean. It requires vacuuming afterwards a beater bar or spot-cleaning for alone a few minutes. It is appropriately acceptable for aerial cartage areas and alone needs approved aliment afterwards acceptable use.

ART FOR YOUR FLOORS: With its archetypal hues, it calmly adulation the attending and affection of avant-garde sitting rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.