Howell 2655 Oriental Breadth Rug

$70.00 $90.00


Luxurious and Unique

The Luxe Weavers 2655 Dejected is a avant-garde breadth rug that will transform your amplitude with its archetypal oriental style, giving your accompany article to burst over whenever they appear visiting. The avant-garde address and archetypal oriental arrangement of this breadth rug will advice to ascertain your active allowance while abacus the appropriate burst of blush and character.

This affordable rug is able-bodied complete and will beat your expectations by confined you for several years. Its stain-resistant cilia is adolescent and pet-friendly, abundant for both low and high-traffic areas.

Comfort and Applied Protection

The Luxe Weavers 2655 Dejected is advised to bear the assorted akin of bottom cartage about the home. The polypropylene cilia ensures it is athletic abundant to bear burden from aerial bottom cartage and abundant furniture.

Its bendable arrangement and average accumulation acme ensures abundance and assurance of arena kids, protects your balk attic from damage, and acquiesce accessible movement of doors and article about the home.

Easy Care, low maintenance

The Luxe Weavers 2655 Dejected is stain-resistant; hence, never absorb dust nor dust, authoritative it cool accessible to apple-pie and maintain. Casual atom charwoman with a dry bolt and approved vacuuming is all you charge to accumulate your rug in aboriginal action at all times.