Lagos Abstruse Breadth Rug 7681

$30.00 $40.00


A avant-garde breadth rug in aloof or adventurous blush options adds affluence to the actualization of your space. Whether it's your active room, bedroom, or dining area, Luxe Weavers Lagos Abstract Breadth Rug delivers affection and character that’ll accomplish your home gram worthy. Its gray and beige hues are muted, affection is abounding of abysmal aqua and orange tones, while dejected has attenuate shades of aqua to accompaniment your absolute decor


Produced for altered levels of cartage about the home, this admirable breadth rug is all shades of comfort. Its average accumulation acme does not alone accommodate a bendable landing for your feet, but it additionally protects adjoin injuries from adventitious avalanche as able-bodied as scratches acquired by abundant furniture. Actuality a automated polypropylene rug, the Lagos accumulating is non-slip, sturdy, and performs alluringly area and back it affairs the most.


Cleaning this avant-garde ellipsoidal breadth rug requires alone a few minutes. Back it neither retains clay nor dust, you can bound spot-clean with a dry bolt or exhaustion with a no-beater bar/rotating brush. Acknowledgment to its affluent amber hues, it is stain-resistant and will abide costly alike afterwards abounding years of use. This Abstruse constructed and abiding breadth rug is the analogue of affordable luxury.



-     Easy atom charwoman and maintenance

-     No Shedding

-     Avant-garde & Abstruse Print

-     Absolute abundance & benevolence underfoot