Abstract Afflicted Avant-garde Breadth Rug

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Abstract Afflicted Avant-garde Breadth Rug adds a comfortable feel to your active room. It has creatively advised patterns, average accumulation height, and affluent tones. Here's a 100% polypropylene breadth rug 8x10 that provides a abundant cushion. It comes with a average array of 0.5 inches and is anti-dust and pets friendly.

Spot-clean stains on this avant-garde non-shedding breadth rug or exhaustion with a no-beater bar occasionally to accumulate it in abundant condition. You can use it in either low bottom cartage areas like your bedchamber or aerial bottom cartage areas such as your active room, entryway, or dining area. This admirable attic awning is accessible as a dejected rug, checkered rug, and gray rug. You can get the 5x7 rug admeasurement for your bedchamber or the 8x10 rug admeasurement for your ample active room.

About this item:

Machine-woven fibers from high-quality polypropylene. Jute backing.

Easy to clean. Stain-resistant, achromatize resistant, non-shedding rug.

Thickness of 0.5 inches.

Area rugs are safe for accouchement and pets.

Actual Dimension: 5 anxiety 2 inches amplitude by 7 anxiety 2 inches length

Actual Dimension: 7 anxiety 8 inches amplitude by 10 anxiety 6 inches length