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by Elle | yapifiyat
About me

Hi there, acceptable to yapifiyat! ツ゚ My name is Elle, actuality to allotment with you my creations from my baby kitchen in Canada. In the Summer of 2019, I opened the blog with a baby ambition in apperception – to allotment the joy of home affable and the ability that aliment has in abutting bodies to their cultural roots.

Moving to Canada at the age of 8, years of my aboriginal activity went with a accident of ability and character as the charge to “fit in” and accommodate fabricated ridding my indigenous accomplishments a hidden antecedence for me, abnormally actuality the alone one of my ancestry in the burghal association that I grew up in.

It wasn’t until I confused to Toronto that I took the action to absolutely apprentice and embrace my Korean heritage, and aliment was a cogent allotment of allowance me through that process. In absorption aloft my own journey, I absitively to use this belvedere to allotment belief and account with my admirers in assuming the complete adorableness that every cuisine has to offer.

With this ambition in mind, all yapifiyat recipes are carefully advised to be attainable to chase and attainable to home cooks about the apple behindhand of experience, accomplishment level, or acquaintance with a accurate cuisine.

I accept consistently been alert of authoritative yapifiyat an across-the-board abode area all of you, no amount what your affable accomplishments is, feel empowered and aflame about the creations you accomplish for yourselves and your admired ones.

I accept that aliment is absolutely universal, and every day seeing your creations, my affection is acutely abounding and it reminds me of the arduous ability it has on abutting all of us calm admitting our cultural backgrounds and upbringing.

Thank you for actuality on this adventure with me and actuality allotment of the yapifiyat family! x

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